Starsong Within

Inspirations for Body, Mind and Spirit


One Star Song


One star song for the many

ears that hear in the night:

The song of

the lone wolf rising,

the orca diving,

the night owl winging,

the rooster breaking the day.

The one star song

falling in harmony

upon the Earth,

shattering into millions of tones,

each one unique in voice,

each one seeking a home.


And Now Here You Are!





Welcome!  I am so glad you are here.


            We are all energetic beings connected to One Source Energy.

           It is my intent to offer ways to Inspire and facilitate your becoming

        even more of who you really are as you reconnect to the source within!  


                Through personal consultations and sessions in Astrology, Access Consciousness

                    and Reiki Energy you have the opportunity to discover and know that you know,

         recieve  guidance, understanding, affirmation, healing and peace


 to assist you on your path, wherever your feet are NOW.


You can Sparkle and Shine As the Unique Star You are!



                          Is it time for YOU to know that you know?


  Are you willing to know the Infinite unique BEING you are?


 Are you ready to embrace endless possibilities

      in a life that comes to you with Ease, Joy and Abundance? 


  Here is a place to begin.



            My Name is Mona and I look forward to facilitating your Journey as YOU so Choose.


         Thank you for your visit.    Allow Peace and Joy Today.